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Our Metals Company.
BRC Metal offers its services to the entire industrial chain, following the whole metals life cycle.

The experience, the skills and the strong reliability make BRC METAL the ideal business partner in an increasingly changing world and market.

BRC Metal thinks about the metal market of the future, made of companies with specialized and high qualified know-how.

The company's core business is the non ferrous metals trading of products as scraps and raw materials, with a special focus on Aluminium High Grade, Copper and Copper Alloys.


The Metals.
• Aluminium AHG (1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000 series alloy)

• Copper & Copper Alloys

• Brass (CuZn37, CuZn33, CuZn30, CuZn15, and others)

• Bronze (CuSn8, CuSn6, CuSn4, and others)

• Tin Plated Brass, Copper and Bronze

• Gold and Silver Plated Brass, Copper and Bronze


The Bridge.
BRC Metal, thanks to a strong knowledge in non ferrous
scraps and raw materials and reliability on market, has formed a network made of consumers, traders and producers.

The company works in the European, Asian, American and African markets with a competitive level of know-how, enriched by strong relationships with the biggest copper and aluminium producers.

The professional team guarantees an accurate evaluation of
every type of non ferrous metal and a specialized focus to copper and its alloys, aluminium and its alloys, zinc and tin.

BRC Metal counts on logistic platforms all over
Europe, with an easy access to the North Italian, Swiss and German local markets.


The Knowledge.
BRC Metal is extremely customer-focused, with the highest
level of professionalism and efficiency.
It’s also able to support companies in logistic,
environmental and technical matters.

 BRC Metal:

- cooperates with important international logistic
companies, authorized to travel all over Europe and not only, granting prompt deliveries in every requested destination.

- is deeply prepared in environment issues, in terms of concerned laws and authorizations.

- is highly formed in chemical, technical and mechanical aspects of metals and its alloys.


The Help.
BRC Metal offers a prepared and updated overview on stock
exchange operations, exchanged volumes and market forecasts.
BRC Metal operates with a steady monitoring of London Metal Exchange
quotations and periodic discussions with brokers, traders and analysts of non ferrous market.
It's also able to support companies in understanding markets in
order to anticipate or to react to continuous dynamics changement and it's also able to help them to evaluate correctly industrial investments and strategic plans.




Scrap Export License - Bundesamt für Umwelt (BAFU)

Due Diligence Management Plan

BRC Metal S.A. manages strict due diligence on its “conflict minerals” such as cassiterite. Our due diligence is mandatory in order to determine that these minerals are not sourced from mines within the African Great Lakes Area controlled by military group. Our Supply Chain Policy respect the notes in the Annex II of the OECD guidance for a Responsible Global Supply Chain of minerals, this process is fully integrated in our operations. In order to ensure that our management and our employees are fully aware of the risk associated with trading, extracting, handling and exporting minerals from conflict affected and high risk areas.

As a matter of fact the aim of this Policy is to be applied from the point of extraction until end user. From the very beginning of the supply chain BRC Metal S.A. firmly adheres to OECD Annex II guidance on sourcing minerals from conflict affected and high risk areas, as well as to the UN Security Council resolutions and to any applicable domestic laws.

BRC Metal S.A. is willing to be a key actor for long term cooperation with local partner and fully support the African Great Lakes Area to build a peaceful environment in the region where extract the mineral, BRC Metal S.A. apply the full terms of the OECD guidelines and the UN Security Council in order to reach this target.

The responsible to manage this plan is Mr. Andrea Mainetti, trading manager at BRC Metal S.A. for all further information please contact us



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